Totally agree. Too many “Get Rich Quick” entrepreneurs are selling a pipe dream to unhappy employees and telling them to quit their job and chase their dreams. Just use their magic formula for $$$.

There are times that you should quit your job without your next gig lined up. I don’t recommend it in general, but I’ve done it and it was the right thing to do for my career.

I work with a number of people who are unhappy with their jobs for one reason or another. My strategy is to first work to improve their current situation. Only when that fails do we pursue Plan B and seek out a new job.

But, I always tell them to stay in the security of their current job until they get their next offer and land a better one. It’s risky to quit without a safety net.

The grass isn’t always greener. That’s why you need to perform your due diligence and dig deep with your research to ensure that your next potential job really is better.

With my own businesses I’ve always found that I’m successful when I carve out the aspects of my old full time job that I was really good at doing and truly enjoyed (leaving the crappy parts of the job behind). That way I’m basing my business on something I know is already in demand and I’m capable of doing well.

I’ve never tried to start a business based on one of my hobbies or fantasies. That’s a recipe for failure.

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I’m a leadership coach & business advisor who helps you reclaim your power and regain your freedom. Become Invincible! 🚀

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