That’s fair and a good point. We did join a CrossFit box during the year I left my last corporate job. Still a lot of Tech folks, but also about half of them worked outside of Tech. That did inject more diversity into our circle of friends.

It still seemed like I heard nothing but Tech conversations anytime I was at a coffee shop, restaurant, standing in line for a movie, etc. But, perhaps that’s true of any city where there is one dominant industry. I hear that LA can be just as annoying with nothing but talk of the entertainment industry.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the Bay Area. We lived there for over 20 years. But, so much of what initially drew me to the area became increasingly difficult to enjoy due to the growing population and massive amounts of traffic.

We no longer could just pop down to the beach or up to the City for the evening without lots of planning and maneuvering to avoid sitting in traffic for hours and hours. We even had weekends when we couldn’t leave our house due to the gridlocked traffic flowing through Los Gatos down Hwy 17 to Santa Cruz. We struggled with it for the last few years, but I guess that was the final straw.

It was a good run, and I don’t regret my time there. But, I finally had to go somewhere with a lot less traffic and fewer crowds.

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