So true. I spent a lot of my life sacrificing happiness today for that mythical future where I can finally do what I enjoy.

Well, I finally decided no more of that. I made a huge lifestyle change over 6 years ago to quit the corporate race and start my own businesses. Then, this year, another big lifestyle change to semi-retire and move into the mountains where I’ve always wanted to be.

Life is shorter than you’d ever imagine and goes by more quickly than you think (I’m much older than you, and it sneaks up on you). There is no promise that you’ll even make it to that mythical “tomorrow,” so you have to start living the life that you want today. Make it happen.

That’s what I do now. I help others make that “exit plan” to transform their careers and live the life they want, instead of endlessly dreaming about it.

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I’m a leadership coach & business advisor who helps you reclaim your power and regain your freedom. Become Invincible! 🚀

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