I’ve experienced quite the opposite effect.

In my previous corporate life in the Bay Area of CA, I primarily interacted with other Tech folks. That’s it.

Now, I’m a part of my local community. I interact and am friends with people from all walks of life and occupations. I have hardly any local friends in Tech anymore.

I feel more connected to my local community and invest in it. I think that this shift to remote work will distribute the wealth into a broader swath of smaller towns and revitalize their economies.

So many towns (e.g., farming towns in the Midwest) and even larger cities (e.g., Detroit) have been dying out that once had vibrant local economies based on older industries (e.g., car manufacturing, logging, mining, farming).

Now, the people who choose to live in those communities have an opportunity to participate in a global economy and thrive, bringing those dollars back into the small local businesses around them.

Remote work frees us from being tied to specific geographic regions where there has historically been a density of employers and jobs. As people migrate out of those cities, there will be a revitalization there too. When urban congestion decreases, the quality of life will increase.

The growing pains are challenging as we all adjust to this new normal. But, I think everyone will benefit in the end.

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