I’ve been experimenting with the 16:8 fasting for the past couple of weeks. So far, so good. Without changing anything else, I’ve dropped almost 4 pounds. Not really my goal, but interesting nonetheless.

I’ve always exercised in a fasted state in the morning, thanks to recommendations from Mark Sisson. Plus, I never feel good if I try to work out on a full stomach anyway.

But, I used to eat a big breakfast after I finished my workout to “refuel.” Now, instead, I’ll have some black coffee to get started on work and push my first meal to noon. My last meal of the day is well before 8 PM.

It hasn’t been that hard. My energy levels and alertness have been great. I also don’t feel that hungry, and then I do eat a ton of food later (I’m not restricting my overall calories). I’ll keep monitoring and see how it goes.

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