It’s true that you will need to do some digging to get beneath the surface layer of information available about a company and a position. The typical interview process won’t reveal everything you need to know either, so you will need to probe more deeply.

Some roles tend to provide more of the time an introvert requires for working alone and solo recharging (e.g., engineering, design), while that can be more challenging in others that require a large amount of face-to-face interaction all day (e.g., project management, product management).

I’ve found that a great degree of a company’s culture and processes comes from the top down. So, look to the leadership team (e.g., C-level, execs, and your direct management chain) to research how they operate. What type of leaders are promoted and rewarded in the organization? If you can find no trace of an introverted leader in the company, that might be a sign that an introverted style of leadership isn’t well-supported there.

Ask direct questions during an interview about their leadership philosophy, preferred management style, and how they expect teams to function. Do they support collaboration and also give people time to work alone? Is the workplace designed to provide collaborative spaces and space for quiet solo work? Do they have “no meeting days”? Do they have a solid work-from-home policy (or do they expect everyone to always be in the office)? How are decisions made?

Finally, be up front with the hiring manager about your personal leadership style (e.g., a coaching leader) and ask how well that fits with their expectations for the role and if that type of leader can be successful in the organization.

Hope this helps!

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