It’s hard to see your friends leave. But, it’s understandable why they do.

After 20 years in the Bay Area we finally moved away. We’re still in California but we moved to a smaller community far away from the mess that Silicon Valley has become.

Everything that we loved about the area slowly faded away as it grew and grew. We used to pop down to Santa Cruz after work to play volleyball on the beach. We used to run up to the City for drinks and dinner, or across the bridge to hike through the Muir Woods. As the years went by, it all stopped.

It just wasn’t enjoyable anymore. Sitting in 2+ hours of traffic both ways took the fun out of it all. We stopped going to the beach. We rarely went to the City. We even stopped leaving our house on the weekend because we’d lose hours and hours of time sitting on the freeways.

So, we moved to where we can still enjoy the amazing weather and outdoor activities of California without the teeming crowds of people everywhere.

Much like the concern of letting people know you’re from California —if you move somewhere outside of the state — we avoid telling people that we’re from the Bay Area. 7 times out of 10 a look of displeasure washes across their face and they say, “Oh, I see. Thanks for ruining the real estate market here. I wish you people would stay away.”

I wish I had an answer to the crisis in the Bay Area, but I don’t. The people with money don’t face the same issues that folks with average jobs do. So they feel safe for the moment. But, all the money in the world doesn’t eliminate the traffic and crowds. All the money in the world can’t bring back what it was.

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