I use a similar approach with my career coaching. I ask people to identify a “career hero.”

People are often jealous of the senior execs and founders who’ve made $millions or $billions. Or, they’re not necessarily jealous, but they look at what that person has achieved and they say, “I want that too!”

I ask them to fully research those people. Find out everything you can about them, from childhood until now. Go deep and find out everything you can about their personal life, how they work, and how they spend each and every day.

I did that once with a few people I considered to be my career heroes. I discovered that their marriage was in a shambles. They were alienated from their children. They worked 15–20 hour days. They never took a weekend off.

One person was quite wealthy, but could never just enjoy a normal life anymore. He had a bodyguard with him at all times. He couldn’t just hop in his car to head out and grab a burrito. It required a security detail and multiple decoy vehicles.

Suddenly, that “ideal life” wasn’t so appealing.

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