I understand. I’ve been working on my own for years, and it can get a little lonely. At least once a week I will leave my home office and head to a nearby town to work in a coffee shop. I’ve found that it works ok for anything that doesn’t require deep work or creativity (e.g., writing a new article). The inevitable distractions do make me a little less productive, but it helps shake me out of my routine and rut.

I also have weekly video conferencing calls with a few colleagues. That helps too.

I tried a co-working space once, but gave up after a few visits. It was more disruptive than the coffee shops, plus I was paying a monthly membership fee. For example, people would loudly talk on their phones at nearby desks, even though it was discouraged. You had to pay extra to reserve a private room or phone booth.

Hopefully, most spaces will let you have a trial period so you can see what the environment is really like before you commit.

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