I started working in Tech in ‘93 and have watched services come and go thousands of times over the past couple of decades.

Two lessons I learned from that:

  1. Host and store your own content and back it up regularly
  2. Never keep all of your eggs in one basket

I do use various services, but I never trust them to be the permanent source of truth for my content. I write on Medium and LinkedIn and Quora and everything I write gets posted on my own blog (I own the domain and I maintain the site and backups).

I back up my content to Backblaze and Google Drive and Dropbox and iCloud. Yep, I’m paranoid. I trust no service. I’ve had failures before and lost valuable files. Never again.

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I’m a leadership coach & business advisor who helps you reclaim your power and regain your freedom. Become Invincible! 🚀https://newsletter.invinciblecareer.com

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