Great advice! I think most people don’t go deep enough on who their potential boss is. A great boss can change everything for your career. A bad boss will make you want to quit in less than a year.

One of the challenges I’ve witnessed (at least in Silicon Valley) is that talented people always have great options and are moving up quickly. So, you join a company or team to work for a great boss, but he or she is promoted up and out in 6 months to 2 years. Or, they get an amazing offer from another company. They don’t stick around long.

You’re now faced with abandoning your job to try to “follow” this boss, giving up your investment in the company, and your equity, or risk rolling the dice with your replacement boss.

I’ve rolled the dice before and it worked out well a couple of times, but worked out terribly a few other times. It’s a tough situation. Plus, there isn’t always an opportunity for you at the place your great old boss landed.

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