Over 130 professional and personal development articles in 2020

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In 2020, I spent hundreds of hours creating personal and professional development articles and podcasts to share with you. If my writing has enriched your life this year, helped you find a job, or given you more confidence at work, please consider subscribing to my newsletter. Thank you!

🎧 If…

I started publishing my articles, newsletters, and podcast on Substack about 2 1/2 years ago when I noticed my Medium views and monetization were dropping.

I decided that I didn't want my content to be held hostage by Medium's algorithm, which apparently decided that only a fraction of my followers should see my new articles. I love owning my audience on Substack and knowing they get my emails straight into their inbox. The built-in podcast hosting is so easy and is the only reason I started podcasting every week.

The big bonus is that your email list is portable. I have my list in ConvertKit as well. I'm no longer beholden to one platform that puts a barrier between me and my audience. They can come with me wherever I decide to go and host my writing next.


The Invincible Career podcast interview series

Marvin Liao
Marvin Liao

A former VC partner shares his advice for founders, investors, and everyone seeking financial stability.

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My guest for this episode is Marvin Liao. He’s an investor-operator, executive coach, and formal advisor to several large family offices. We crossed paths over 10 years ago at Yahoo, and I’ve been following his career pivots and journeys around the world ever since.

Marvin is…

Larry Cornett, Ph.D.

I’m a leadership coach and business advisor who helps you claim your power and regain your freedom. Become Invincible! 🚀

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